Imagine Greeting Every Morning Without Pain

Even if you’ve been told there’s no explainable cause for your pain, it can be eliminated…naturally.

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Take back control

Pain has interrupted the special moments in your life for long enough. 

Don’t let it steal any more of them from you, your loved ones, or your memories.

Take control today by getting in touch for a consultation so we can make a plan to eliminate your pain the natural way.

Discover your greatest self

Get back to enjoying the activities you love most.

Because pain shouldn’t have a say in how you move through life.

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What Is The Omega Place?

Do you have chronic pain that interferes with your life, your enjoyment, and your work?

Have you tried everything to eliminate your pain, only to be told there’s nothing else that can be done?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. The Omega Place is the last place you’ll have to look for relief.

Your body and mind have the capacity to heal naturally so you can eliminate or manage your pain and suffering without looking in another bottle.

Together, we’ll put in place a 3-pillar approach to pain relief and total wellness called the New Neural Pathway Protocol (NNPP™).

Once pain becomes chronic, it can last for months or years because of the way the brain wires itself as a result of experiencing prolonged pain.

Pain signals keep using the same pathways over and over, making it unable for your brain to switch the direction by itself. And that’s where the NNPP™ comes into play.

Here’s how we can work together

Natural Pain






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I’m Jadranka Bozja.

But you can call me JB.

I love working with people who are committed to their health and want to make a sustainable transformation and achieve a higher level of personal and professional happiness and health.

If you are in acute or chronic pain, I can help you feel better faster.

My approach to working with pain is multi-factorial (bio-psycho-social); however, pain itself, is a personal and emotional experience, therefore, it differs from person to person.

Usually, I am able to improve most painful conditions in 4-6 treatments.

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I don’t wish my days away anymore and that’s the best thing I could have gotten out of [my work with JB].

Darlene P.

Ready to learn more?

These are the ways I can support you in your pain-elimination journey…

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Natural Pain Management

There are many ways to deal with pain naturally, from hypnotherapy to meditation to other techniques that allow you to mindfully approach your pain. 

Because no two people are alike, nor are their pain situations, managing pain is a personal journey. We will work together to find the combination of treatments that benefit you the most. 

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Therapeutic Movement

Integrating a movement practice into your treatment can produce changes in your mind and body that can alter your experience of your pain. 

Movement, posture, breathing techniques, visualization, and meditation are all used together to strategically reduce your pain and promote a feeling of well-being. 

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MINDFUL Nutrition

The food you eat has a significant impact on your well-being. Chronic pain suffering depletes mental clarity, which commonly leads people down unhealthy paths.

And unhealthy foods cause oxidative stress in the body and increase the production of the stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol.

We offer seasonal programs to jumpstart your metabolism to help you get back on track.

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