Healing from chronic pain is a very personal thing. Find the right treatment to help you regain your life.

There is no one approach or combination of treatments that helps all individuals. Your unique situation requires a personalized approach.

Modifying your lifestyle to introduce three main areas of focus including natural pain management, therapeutic movement, and mindful nutrition can help you:

  • lower or eliminate your pain
  • get your sleep back
  • feel more confident in your own skin
  • trust yourself and others
  • improve your immune function
  • …and much more


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Woman meditating with her hand on her heart

Natural Pain Management

Mind-body therapies that have been developed for and applied on clients from all walks of life for over a decade

Your mind and your body are intricately woven together and in order to manage or eliminate pain, you must focus on both.

The New Neural Pathway Protocolâ„¢ I developed and use is effective in people who have lost hope that they can ever feel better again.

Our minds can affect how we perceive and experience pain. Stress and anxiety can even make chronic pain worse. Therefore, body-mind therapies are useful for helping clients better cope with pain and stress by teaching patients how to manage their emotions, thoughts, stress, and the body’s physical responses.

Therapeutic Movement

Therapeutic movement is effective as a stress-management tool, and thus, a pathway to establishing body-mind balance

Woman doing yoga in the desert

Stress and anxiety can make chronic pain worse. Integrating a yoga practice into treatment can potentially produce physiological changes that can alter the experience of pain by:

  • decreasing sympathetic nervous system activity
  • reducing inflammatory and stress markers such as cortisol
  • and promoting increases in flexibility, strength, circulation, and cardio-respiratory capacity.

Movement can also help you better understand your pain and increase the frequency of positive emotions, which could potentially undo the physiological effects of negative emotions.

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Feel Timeless
with Mindful Nutrition

Eating nutrient-rich foods can have a significant impact on your wellbeing

Choosing unhealthy foods can cause an array of problems within your body and well-being. Every day, your brain deals with the complicated task of keeping you alive and controlling basic functions like breathing and your heartbeat.

But it also has to control other things that are more advanced than those basics: thoughts about what’s happening now as well as memories from past experiences.

Healthy nutritional choices enhance your brain’s ability to excel at basic and advanced functions, while unhealthy choices don’t support your brain’s needs.

To jumpstart your journey to a healthier mind and body we offer 7-, 14-, and 21-day seasonal metabolic reset programs.

These metabolic reset programs offer the support you need including a guidebook, journal to record your experience and track your progress, delicious meal plans and recipes developed by top chefs & nutritionists, kitchen and food preparation ideas, toxin-reduction tips, and seasonal product shopping lists.